FUZZ GIGOLO - active since 2013, bringing you the very best in lo-fi sounds from our hometown, Drogheda - and likened to a mix of Ian Dury and The Beautiful South, with a twist of Joe Cocker – shaken not stirred? (Cooking)

‘In it to Gig’ we have rocked the stages of Vantastival, Electric Picnic and too many venues and events nationwide to dilute. Along the way we have had the bliss of sharing the stage and collaborating with some of the finest musicians Ireland has to offer.

Although our line-up has varied over the years our ethos hasn't. ’For the Kicks’ we aspire to make feel-good music, entertain in performance and enlighten the buzz … A band, a family – qui suus 'tata tuus?

WHERE TO NOW - quiet since mid-2019, apart from an odd cameo here and there, Fuzz & Co have remained as productive as ever. Working relentlessly on the QT, writing, recording, rehearsing a kick-ass set full of fresh tuneage, and scrubbing up on all promo & media tools in preparation for relaunch.

With a few new faces in tow, a collective coming-togetherness and a "HOST OF SURPRISES TO FOLLOW" (say nothing 'til you hear more?) – our countdown has begun … One small step for Fuzz, one giant leap for The Gigolo? * EAR TO THE GROUND YE ALL!


  • Fran Thornton (Vocals)
  • Maria Clarke (Vocals)
  • Sinéad Bellew (Vocals)
  • Emmett Fallon (Guitar)
  • Colin "Duxy" Murray (Bass)
  • Anthony Kierans (Drums)

ACKNOWDGEMENTS : Geoff Fay, Ciara Callaghan, Amanda Maples, Mark Kirwan, Nicola Dowd & Ruth Kierans


RTÉ 2XM - Dermot Lambert

“What a band - brilliant”

01 / 07