All songs by Fran Thornton


Re-released in Original Audio Format

by Distrokid | All Platforms : 14/08/2023


Initially cut as a 'Demo' over 3 days in 2014, officially released in 2015, discontinued in 2019 and, still holding dear, being the first and only studio collaboration from the founding five, re-released in 2023, infinitely ...

Having served its purpose with distinctions and more, e.g., title track 'Push' ... One of The Best Songs from an Independent Irish Artist : Hard Rock Cafe (2016) + featured on 'Garage Records' Debut Compilation Album, Titled : Garageland Vol. 1 (2017) ... it later fell foul to a publishing mishap and with our focus elsewhere, 'twas eventually archived, shelved and forgotten.

Upon reviewing material and ideas for our long-awaited debut album, we were genuinely toppled when the EP resurfaced. Playing back it sounded retro and raw, yet fresh, with a wealth of wonders and nuances long since surrendered.

Excitement got that better of us there and then, rightly so, and a decision was made instantly to, with the exception of a cover change, re-release, as is and why not?

Regardless of if, when and where future recordings of these songs surface, they were courted, conceived and born here - and at a minimum, worthy of our recognition and catalogue.



  1. Over and Over Again
  2. Push
  3. Maranda
  4. Pretenders
  5. Look Who's Laughing



  • Fran Thornton (Vocal)
  • Ruth Kierans (Vocal)
  • Geoff Fay (Guitar, Vocals & Sounds)
  • Colin Murray (Bass)
  • Anthony Kierans (Drums & Percussion)



Recorded @ Abbeylane Studio, Drogheda

Produced by Eric Sharpe & Fran Mc Dermott