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NOTE: Due to recording our 'long awaited' debut album, gigs will be at a minimum (if any) between now and March 2024 ... Like the old saying: If we don't see you in the mattress, we'll see you in the spring ... Nonetheless 'WTS'




All songs by Fran Thornton


Re-released in 'Original Audio Format'

by Distrokid | All Platforms : 10/04/2015


Initially cut as a 'Demo' over 3 days in 2014, officially released in 2015, discontinued in 2019 and, still holding weight, being the first and only studio collaboration from the founding five, re-released in 2023, continuously ...

Having served its purpose with distinctions and more, e.g., title track 'Push' ... being One of The Best Songs from an Independent Irish Artist : Hard Rock Cafe (2016) + featured on 'Garage Records' Debut Compilation Album, Titled : Garageland Vol. 1 (2017) ... it later fell foul to a publishing mishap and with our focus elsewhere, 'twas eventually archived, shelved and forgotten.

Upon reviewing material and ideas for our long-awaited debut album, we were genuinely toppled when the EP resurfaced. Playing back it sounded retro and raw, yet fresh, with a wealth of wonders and nuances long since surrendered.

Excitement got that better of us there and then, rightly so, and a decision was made instantly to, with the exception of a cover change, re-release, as is and why not?

Regardless of if, when and where future recordings of these songs surface, they were courted, conceived and born here - and at a minimum, worthy of our recognition and catalogue.



  1. Over and Over Again
  2. Push
  3. Maranda
  4. Pretenders
  5. Look Who's Laughing



  • Fran Thornton (Lead Vocal)
  • Ruth Kierans (Vocal)
  • Geoff Fay (Guitar, Vocal & Sounds)
  • Colin Murray (Bass)
  • Anthony Kierans (Drums & Percussion)



Recorded @ Abbeylane Studio, Drogheda

Produced by Eric Sharpe & Fran Mc Dermott

Mastered by Abbeylane


Cut from the 'EP' of the same name, 'Push' is a tune that addresses the trials & tribulations about how the course of true love can sometimes end in tears? If love is unconditional, but forgiveness is no longer an option - Terms and Conditions apply.

Long since surrendered.

garageland vol. 1





It’s taken over 17 years but Garageland have finally announced details of their much awaited compilation album, Garageland Volume 1, out on Garage Records on April 14th.

Since 2001 Garageland has been helping generations of bands through unique projects The Garage Gigs and The Irish Youth Music Awards (including The Script, Ham Sandwich, Delorentos, Kodaline, Niamh Crowther, Fight Like Apes, Royseven, The Immediate and literally thousands of others) forge their own trail through the formative stages of the careers. Some have gone on to huge things, some haven’t.

Rather than focus on the past, with this record we’re looking at what’s around now and the next generation of artists who are coming up and we are genuinely excited about” | Dermot Lambert, Garageland Director.

Featured on the album are Roisin El Cherif, Rob Corcoran, The Klares, Niamh Crowther, Swordfish, Pills For My Nerves, Animal Gangs, Dissesion Rising, Fuzz Gigolo, Inhaler, Key, Lavelle, Shag Haired Villains, Conor Walsh, The New 52 and The YaYa Vuze.

The album is being launched with a special show in The Button Factory on April 13th featuring 9 of the artists from the album, Fuzz Gigolo among them.